ATOM Kaiju File #38: Ullawdra


Aliases: The Red Weed, The Mean Red Weed from Outer Space, “God Mother” (rough translation of her Martian name), Sweet Red Mother of Mars

Date Discovered: July 29, 1958

Place of Origin: Mars

Notable Stomping Grounds: Mars, the Venusian Martian Colony, San Solomaine, Typhon Island

Height: 100 feet from root to “head,” 140 feet from root to tip of dorsal leaf

Length: 120 feet

Biology: Being extraterrestrial in nature, Ullawdra cannot fit within the taxonomy of terrestrial life.  That said, she is similar in many respects to terrestrial plants.  Her cells have a rigid celluar wall, and she consumes nutrients and water from her root system while absorbing energy with her red leaves.  Her lack of chloropohyl and strange, muscle-system-like use of multiple vines for locomotion set her apart from local flora, and in behavior she is much more similar to an animal than a rooted plant.

When exposed to water, Ullawdra’s roots and vines grow at a ridiculous rate, drowning everything around her in a cascade of coiling tendrils.  She can also produce a nutritious sap that can accelerate the healing process in other organic lifeforms.  Her full power set is as follows:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Extreme growth when exposed to water
  • Nutritious healing sap

Personality: On her home planet Mars, Ullawdra is considered one of the most heroic, noble, and compassionate kaiju ever to exist by the local inhabitants.  During Mars’s own kaiju outbreak, many sapient Martians prayed that Ullawdra would intervene during every kaiju attack, as the giant red weed would not only fight on their behalf, but would go out of her way to save as many sapient martians from harm as possible.  The giant plant would even stay afterwards to tend to the wounded, feeding them her healing sap before going on her way.

On Earth – a strange and foreign world to the plant’s senses – Ullawdra is not quite so benevolent.  She is apathetic to the plight of earth-born humans, and will not hesitate to retaliate against a human military with deadly force.  Her initial view of the bizarre native kaiju of Earth is always a hostile one, and Ullawdra is quick to stake out her own territory and defend it violently to enforce her boundaries.  The Martian doesn’t understand why she was exiled to this blue planet, but she is resolute to survive the experience by any means necessary.

While her aggressive outlook is hard to overcome, a few kaiju have manage to prove to her that their intentions are benevolent.  Ullawdra may be slow to trust the terrestrial monsters, but once her trust is earned she quickly becomes a loyal and powerful ally.  Ullawdra will not only fight fiercely and decisively on behalf of her friends, but will also tend to their wounds even if it means risking her own life in the process.

Ullawdra is a savage fighter, using her bizarre plant anatomy and senses to lash out at her enemies with surprising speed and versatility.  On her own she is a terrifying enemy, but if she has access to a water supply she becomes almost insurmountable.  A small pond can turn Ullawdra into a massive, writhing collection of deadly constricting vines, which can quickly smother and crush practically any enemy within seconds.  Few who gain the plant’s ire will emerge unscathed from her wrath.

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