ATOM Kaiju File #37: Promythigor


Aliases: Asset Prometheus, the Pyromaniac Ape, the Sinister Sasquatch

Date Discovered: November 3rd, 1954

Place of Origin: Area 51

Notable Stomping Grounds: Area 51, Typhon Island

Height: 115 feet

Biology: Promythigor was not always a kaiju.  Originally he was a sasquatch – a species of bipedal ape native to North America that happens to have mild psychic abilities.  Sasquatches were one of several species whose existence was hidden from the public at large because of their unique biology, and Promythigor in particular was a specimen held at the top secret research facility named Area 51.  The ape was subjected to numerous experiments designed to bring out the full potential of his latent psychic powers.  One experiment included prolonged exposure to Yamaneon radiation, which ultimately turned the ape into a kaiju.

His trials were not over then, however, as further experiments were now possible thanks to his profound kaiju healing powers.  Eventually one particularly painful operation was successful, trading the ape’s simplistic empathic telepathy for a far more deadly psychic ability: pyrokinesis.  The mutated sasquatch now boasts the following powers:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Pyrokinesis

Personality: Sasquatches are shy and gentle creatures by nature, but Promythigor is far from a typical sasquatch.  After years of painful experimentation, the ape learned depths of cruelty he would never have imagined before, and, like many abused animals, eventually internalized that cruelty.  Kindness and mercy are alien concepts to Promythigor now, as his world revolves around two main themes: fire and pain.

Fire is nearly the only thing Promythigor can think about.  The pretty dance of a flame soothes the chaos and rage that beats in his heart, and the sight of a spreading blaze fills him with wonder and delight.  Promythigor lives to see things burn, and unfortunately for everyone else, his powers make arson incredibly easy to come by.  While he loves fire in general, he is particularly fond of seeing other creatures burn.  Their frantic writhing and frenzied screams feed his lust for revenge against the injustices he’s suffered.

As if his psychic powers weren’t enough, Promythigor is a brutal physical fighter as well.  He launches himself at other monsters with a manic ferocity, pummeling them with his massive arms and tearing into them with his teeth.  Worse still, the ape lacks any sense of self preservation.  He will gleefully light his opponent, the world around him, and even himself on fire in the course of a battle, or tackle his foes right into an inferno of his own making.  There isn’t an ounce of logic or pragmatism in the primate’s brain – his problem solving begins and ends with “set things on fire and beat them to a pulp.”

While Promythigor is undeniably a wicked and savage psychopath, he remains a tragic figure.  Somewhere, deep beneath the trauma and the misplaced aggression, the social instincts of the sasquatch he once was remain.  A part of Promythigor wants family and safety, but sadly he has long since written off both as being impossible.  There is nothing but the flame for the ape now, which, ironically, has left his heart quite cold.

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