ATOM Kaiju File #35: Kraydi


Aliases: Asset Pythos

Date Discovered: November 3rd, 1954

Place of Origin: Yucca Flat

Notable Stomping Grounds: Yucca Flat, Area 51, Typhon Island

Height: 30 feet (50 feet with head held high)

Length: 150 feet

Biology: When first discovered roaming the radioactive wasteland of Yucca Flat, Kraydi was a fairly standard kaiju: a prehistoric monitor lizard with not particularly notable tricks up his sleeve.  This changed once he was subdued and imprisoned in Area 51, as the scientists there used the monstrous lizard for bizarre experimentation.  After a significant amount of tinkering, they unlocked latent psychic abilities in the lizard’s brain, making it far more powerful in the process.

Kraydi’s power set includes the standard kaiju abilities as well as a handful of powerful psychic talents:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Weak haemotoxic venom
  • Empathic telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Teleportation

Personality: Initially Kraydi was a fairly simple monster, one that acted exactly as one might expect a gigantic lizard to act.  He spent most of his time basking in sunlight, occasionally moving to either pursue prey or find some shade.  Few would find anything he did to be of interest compared to flashier monsters.

Then the scientists at Area 51 opened his mind – in both a figurative and a literal, physical sense.

Kraydi’s psychic abilities have altered how he perceives and interacts with the world, and as a result his behavior has become what many respected and professional kaiju researchers would call “unsettling.”  As a lizard, Kraydi is accustomed to spending most of his time observing the world around him in methodical detail.  As a psychic, Kraydi can now observe much more about the world than just what his eyes and olfactory system record.  Kraydi can sense the emotions of everything around him in a spectrum as broad as the colors in the world.  With slight concentration he can even see what others think – in pictures, smells, sounds, and other sensations, though as of yet he has not developed an understanding of speech.

These observations are fascinating to the reptile, as he has only an incomplete understanding of what he is actually doing.  Kraydi will follow a monster for hours or even days at a time – not with an intent to kill, but just with a desire to read and process the emotions his target is giving off.  The more complex the thoughts and feelings of his target, the more obsessed Kraydi becomes.  Researchers have to be particularly careful with the reptile, as he find human minds incredibly interesting but lacks a full understanding of human frailty.

Kraydi’s telekinetic abilities have also altered his behavior, as the lizard now refuses to walk.  Instead he floats weightlessly into the air and swims through the sky with a serpentine fluidity and grace.  The reptile is so fond of flying that one might think he were predisposed to it even when he was a strictly terrestrial creature.  Indeed, on the few occasions where Kraydi has been forced to walk (i.e. when he has overexerted his psychic abilities), he takes a long time to remember how to use his limbs for locomotion.

While Kraydi loves to observe his fellow monsters, he isn’t exactly a friendly creature.  In fact, when others approach him he prefers to act aloof, ignoring their advances or even floating away in apparent disinterest.  Kraydi doesn’t seek combat, and when others attack him the fights are usually over quickly.  When he does interact with other monsters, he tends to be unpredictable and capricious – more than a few monster scuffles have ended when one of the opponents was unexpectedly tossed hundreds of feet away by an invisible telekinetic shove from the lizard as it passed them by.

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