ATOM Kaiju File #34: Pathogen

34 Pathogen

Aliases: The Ultimate Pathogen, The Omega Virus, The Eater of the World

Date Discovered: October 13th, 1954

Place of Origin: The Siberian Monster Zone

Notable Stomping Grounds: The Siberian Monster Zone, Typhon Island

Height: Varies – 180 feet in his base form

Length: Varies – 600 feet in base form

Biology: Pathogen is the product of what can only be described as mad science: a culture of still living cells from the body of the “Terror” infected with a dangerous bio-weapon: the Langsuir Omega Strain, a hybrid of several reanimating “Vampire” viruses that remain a highly classified secret held by a few select and highly powerful intelligence agencies.  All strains of Langsuir have the ability to reanimate dead tissue, turning the corpse they infect into a parasitic puppet to further spread the virus itself.  While incredibly potent in human beings, the natural strains of Langsuir rarely succeeded in infecting other organisms.  While the artificially made Omega Strain is stronger, it still struggled to deal with the powerful immune system of the kaiju cells.

Eventually the virus won out, though only after mutating so many times to specifically battle the cell’s immune system that it is now entirely incapable of spreading to other organisms.  This resulted in a powerful though thankfully neutered undead monstrosity, one that takes the regenerative abilities of both kaiju and the reanimating virus to unimaginable heights.  While the virus that controls Pathogen is incapable of spreading into other organisms, it still forces its puppet to act like any other victim of its kin.  Pathogen exists only to devour all animal life – not for nourishment, but for the sake of the act itself.

Pathogen sports the standard powers of both kaiju and victims of reanimating viruses:

  • Super strength
  • A extremely powerful, adaptive healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Controlled shapeshifting
  • Nauseating blood bile
  • Muted sense of pain

Personality: Pathogen cannot be reasoned with, for his motivations are hard wired into the virus at the core of his being.  He cannot feel sorrow or empathy, as only the basest of his emotions were spared by his infection, and these in turn were twisted to focus solely on his unnatural hunger.  He is a creature of pure destruction – unyielding and insatiable.  No amount of negotiation or placating can sway him in his purpose – one can either destroy Pathogen, or feed his hunger.

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