ATOM Kaiju File #32: Gorale


Date Discovered: October 13th, 1954

Place of Origin: The Siberian Monster Zone

Notable Stomping Grounds: The Siberian Monster Zone, Typhon Island

Height: 100 feet

Biology: One of the survivors of the only known use of nuclear weapons upon kaiju in human history, Gorale is a pathetic fusion of ape (specifically a yeti) and whale.  While the exact conditions of Gorale’s genesis are unknown, it is theorized to be the result of two kaiju’s shattered bodies fusing into each other in an attempt to regenerate, resulting in a twisted if comical monstrosity.  While Gorale’s condition is pitable, it is far from the worst victim of this conflict.

Perhaps because of its bizarre and horrible, genesis, Gorale sports a few extra powers in addition to the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Ocular Laser Beams
  • Telekinetic Flight
  • “Steam Beam” Weaponized Blowhole

Personality: Top heavy and awkward, Gorale is as clumsy as a kaiju can be.  It can often be seen running aimlessly in twisting, aimless patterns while its nearly useless flippers wave frantically, its heavy head swinging back and forth in panic as it howls and screams.  Often the creature trips over its own massive feet or simply topples one way or the other because of its unbalanced weight distribution, falling with all the grace of an anvil.

On top of being a clutz, Gorale is incredibly easy to frighten for a giant monster, and can be spooked by something as simple as a sudden loud noise.  Explosions in particular will send the monster into an absolute frenzy of terror, and it is similarly phobic of bright flashes of light.  Some theorize Gorale may suffer from sort animalistic form of shellshock, as it isn’t hard to link its fears with the trauma of its atomic origin.

While Gorale is quick to fear, it is not a full blown coward.  In fact, the chimera can be downright brave when it sees other creatures being victimized, and has thrown itself at some of the most malicious kaiju on the planet to protect weaker creatures.  While Gorale is far from a graceful or skilled fighter, it makes up for its lack of finesse with a wide range of attacks and an utterly crazed battle strategy.  While Gorale is far from an unbeatable opponent, it always manages to throw a few curveballs at the monsters it fights.

When not panicked or roused to fight, Gorale is a calm if somewhat sad monster, and can often be found singing to itself in the manner of its cetacean kin.  It is ultimately one of many kaiju that seeks a family it will never find.

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