ATOM Kaiju File #30: Mastemuth


Date Discovered: April 28th, 1954

Place of Origin: The Glacier Oasis

Notable Stomping Grounds: The Glacier Oasis,  The Siberian Monster Zone, Typhon Island

Height: 140 feet

Length: 300 feet

Biology: A mammalian monster of unknown clade, it is theorized Mastemuth is part of some prehistoric lineage of armored mammalian omnivores.  While he bears a superficial resemblance to rhinoceroses and elephants, close analysis of the creature’s biology shows it is only a distant relative of either group, and its exact placement on the tree of mammalian life is uncertain.  He eats both meat and plant matter fairly equally, and is surprisingly fast despite its heavy armor.

With skin so thick that it is nearly impervious to harm, Mastemuth has little need for powers beyond the standard kaiju set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: Given that it is colossal even in comparison to its fellow kaiju, few things pose a serious threat to Mastemuth’s power.  With thick, armored skin, jaws filled with tusks and grinding molars, a head covered in protective horns, and thick, muscular legs that can send its body forward with the force of a hundred freight trains, Mastemuth can bulldoze through any enemy and leave them twitching and mangled in his wake.  He is an almost unstoppable force.

Originally Mastemuth was assumed to be a gentle giant, as the titanic monster would rarely engage its fellow monster in battle.  This perception changed the first time Mastemuth was observed interacting with a group of kaiju at once, as the mammal immediately challenged the group to a vicious and one sided battle in his favor.  Mastemuth, like many kaiju, loves to prove his superiority, but in most one on one cases he can do this just by size alone.  If presented with a significant challenge, however, he becomes blood thirsty and obsessive, crushing his enemies with an immense show of brute strength.

Mastemuth is a relentless and sadistic opponent in combat, and every fight against him quickly becomes a life or death struggle.  His blows are all intended to maim, cripple, or preferably kill his opponents.  The mammal never holds back, and unlike similar brutes, Mastemuth actually retains enough energy to keep his onslaughts going for hours on end.  Perhaps more than any other monster, Mastemuth is a juggernaut.

The giant has not desire for friendship or kin either.  That does not mean he prefers to be solitary, however.  In fact, Mastemuth often seeks out other monsters in hopes of subjugating them.  Being an unstoppable monstrosity is not enough for the titan, as it is compelled to prove its superiority to others as often as possible.

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