ATOM Kaiju File #29: Karamtor


Date Discovered: September 27th, 1954

Place of Origin: Venus

Notable Stomping Grounds: Mt. Fuji, Typhon Island

Height: 160 feet

Length:  220 feet

Biology: Hailing from the planet Venus, Karamtor is understandably impossible to place in the taxonomy of terrestrial animals.  Its physiology is similar to a gastropod in some respects, with portions of its slimy flesh being able to retract into complex silicon armor.  It spits digestive acid at its prey much like a fly.  These are as earth-like as its traits get.  Its cells respirate sulfur instead of oxygen, its body is freakishly durable even by kaiju standards, and its prefers temperatures of extreme heat.  On earth, it seeks out volcanoes and similar environments, as it finds them far more hospitable to its biology.  Strangest of all, however, are its two appendages that can only be described as organic chainsaws.  While no one knows how its species reproduces, we do know Karamtor takes care of its young.

The Venusian terror sports the following powers:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Acidic Spit
  • Ability to survive drastic extremes in temperature
  • Strange Venusian organs
  • Stinging slime
  • Organic chainsaws

Personality: No one can say how much of Karamtor’s behavior on Earth is natural and how much is a result at its panic from being thrust into an alien and somewhat hostile environment.  It reacts to most terrestrial species with shock, spinning its saw-toothed hands and vomiting acid wildly in an effective threat display.  Being one of the largest kaiju ever discovered – on this or any other planet – Karamtor is never scared enough to flee outright, and will instead fight for its life.

Left to its own devices, Karamtor seeks out environments similar to its homeworld: areas with intense heat and, if possible, a large amount of sulfur.  It has been found clinging to the interior of volcanoes in a state of torpor, a state that few wish to drag it out of.

Karamtor came to this planet pregnant, and eventually “gave birth” to a baby of its kind (no one witnessed the event in question).  For all its alien needs, Karamtor is a dedicated parent and fiercely protective of its young spawn.  Any who threaten its offspring will shortly face the wrath of one of the largest and most resilient kaiju on the planet Earth.

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