ATOM Kaiju File #28: Nastadyne


Aliases: The Battle Beetle, King Kabuto, Japan’s Greatest Monster, the Titan of Tokyo

Date Discovered: March 16th, 1954

Place of Origin: The Ogasawara Islands

Notable Stomping Grounds: Tokyo, Typhon Island, Ogasawara Kaiju Sanctuary

Height: 145 feet from toe to horn tip

Biology: A heavily mutated beetle, Nastadyne was the first kaiju to appear in Japan and quickly proved to be one of the toughest.  His bipedal gait is unique among arthropod monsters, allowing the thick shelled insect to fight much like a human martial artist.  Strangest of all is his unique transformation, which the Japanese press dubbed the “Burning Justice” form.  When sufficiently motivated, Nastadyne will drastically increase his own body temperature to burn his enemies with each physical blow.  While this form is incredibly powerful, it also severely drains Nastadyne’s stamina, and the beetle always needs to rest for a long time after using it.

Nastadyne’s power set includes:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • “Burning Justice” transformation

Personality: Nastadyne is a consummate warrior who spends his every waking moment searching for a new challenge to his fighting prowess.  Many kaiju have taken a one-sided beating from the enormous beetle, though the insect always hopes his opponent is equal to him in strength and skill.  Neither a bully nor a sadist, Nastadyne refuses to fight creatures that are significantly weaker than he is.  In fact, seeing other monsters attack vulnerable and defenseless creatures is guaranteed to send Nastadyne into a violent rage.

While he is a brutal fighter who actively seeks out conflict, Nastadyne is viewed as a heroic monster by the people of Japan.  The insect has defeated many other kaiju that were actively preying upon human settlements, and some believe it may be actively protecting humanity from harm.  Whether that is the arthropod’s intention or not, the fact remains that Nastadyne’s arrival often signals the turning of the tide in humanity’s favor.

His reputation among other kaiju is far more mixed.  Many monsters are wary of Nastadyne, especially those that have suffered one of his vicious assaults.  He does not go out of his way to befriend other kaiju, either – he generally just challenges them to battle, wins, and leaves them to lick their wounds.  Few have gained the beetle’s respect.

For those few, though, Nastadyne holds a secret loyalty.  A warrior that can match his mettle is a rare thing indeed, and Nastadyne relishes fighting by their side almost as much as comparing his skill to their own in the heat of combat.  Earning Nastadyne’s friendship, while difficult, is immensely rewarding, as few kaiju will fight as hard and as passionately to protect their allies as the Titan of Tokyo.

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