ATOM Kaiju File #27: Kurokame


Date Discovered: March 24th, 1954

Place of Origin: Igami Bay

Notable Stomping Grounds: Fujisawa, Tokyo, Typhon Island, Ogasawara Kaiju Sanctuary

Height: 90 feet

Length: 180 feet

Biology: While many newspapers call Kurokame a “prehistoric” tortoise monster, this has little basis in fact.  There are no terapins in the fossil record that resemble Kurokame’s strange blend of crocodilian and tortoise features that give the reptile kaiju its name – “kurokodairu” (crocodile) “kame” (turtle/tortoise).  Taxonomy isn’t the only baffling thing about this reptile – despite having the terrestrial adapations that make tortoises such poor swimmers, Kurokame was discovered emerging from Igami Bay.  Subsequent observation has proven it is horrible at swimming, which makes many wonder what the hell it was doing in the Pacific Ocean in the first place.  Like other tortoises, it is, thankfully, a herbivore.

Kurokame boasts the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: Kurokame is a gentle, slow moving juggernaut.  There isn’t an aggressive bone in the turtle’s body, and it has no desire to fight or rampage like other kaiju.  However, it is also one of the most stubborn and implacable monsters on the planet.  When Kurokame wants to go somewhere, nothing can stop it.  When it wants to rest, nothing can move it.  It is a tortoise with an iron will.

This determination is what makes Kurokame dangerous to mankind.  While the turtle doesn’t actively seek out human cities, it has wandered through them on several occasions.  Being massive and ungainly, its slow moving stride has leveled countless homes and buildings, leaving a long trail of destruction in its wake.  Kurokame is blissfully unaware of the devastation it causes – as far as it knows, it has just had several pleasant walks.

On the rare occasion something challenges the tortoise, Kurokame’s thick armor – particularly is truly enormous shell – makes almost all opposition feeble.  In most situations, Kurokame will just plow on through its foes’ attacks unfazed, purposely ignoring their strange and pathetic attempts to destroy it.  When something actually manages to put up a decent fight, the turtle simply draws its head and limbs into its hell, at which point he is effectively impenetrable.

Kurokame does not mind the friendly company of other monsters, and is content to graze with fellow herbivores should the situation arise.  It doesn’t seek out this companionship, however, and the tortoise is equally happy to spend its time in solitude.

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