ATOM Kaiju File #26: Burodon


Date Discovered: March 19th, 1954

Place of Origin: Mount Ibuki

Notable Stomping Grounds: Mount Ibuki, Tokyo, Typhon Island, Ogasawara Kaiju Sanctuary

Height: 35 feet

Length: 140 feet

Biology: Burodon is definitely a retrosaur, though his its exact placement within that clade has been a matter of debate.  His squat, lizard-like posture initially led scientists to believe he was part of the Primitive Retrosaur clade, but recent analysis suggests he may actually be a very strange member of the Transitional Tyrant clade instead.  Many of his bizarre adaptations may be explained by his lifestyle, as Burodon spends most of his time underground.  With a huge cranial horn and enormous claws on his forelimbs, Burodon can tunnel through the earth with marvelous speed, while his heavily armored body (specifically his head, which is protected by a thick scaly shield) can withstand cave-ins and other digging-related calamities.

Burodon sports the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: Burodon is rarely seen, but his presence is keenly felt.  The subterranean kaiju spends most of its time building increasingly elaborate underground tunnels and dens.  His labor never ends – there is always a new extension to build or an old part of the elaborate maze that needs to be repaired and reinforced.  Few kaiju are as busy and methodical as Burodon.

On the rare occasion Burodon surfaces, he is usually irate at the creatures on the surface.  Humans and land-dwelling kaiju have caused many cave-ins for poor Burodon, and the subterranean monster is quick to seek revenge against those who destroy his finely crafted home.  He isn’t bad at fighting in the sunlit surface world, either – while Burodon’s adaptations are more suited for life underground, his eyes work fairly well on the surface, and his massive forelimbs allow him to scurry fairly quickly despite his somewhat stumpy hind legs.  Yet Burodon also knows to use his adaptations to his advantage, and will often dig pitfalls and other traps for his enemies in the middle of a battle.  A fight against Burodon can quickly turn into a fight against the landscape itself.

Burodon doesn’t actively seek out human civilizations to rampage, nor does he thirst for combat with his fellow monsters.  He would be a tolerable kaiju if his tunneling didn’t often come into conflict with human development plans.  As it is, human ambition and desire for more space often incites the retrosaur’s deadly rampages, forcing the otherwise peaceful reptile to be humanity’s opponent.

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