ATOM Kaiju File #25: Kutulusca



Date Discovered: September 25th, 1954

Place of Origin: The Pacific Ocean

Notable Stomping Grounds: The Pacific Ocean, Tokyo, Typhon Island

Height: 40 feet

Length: 250 feet with tentacles outstretched

Biology: Kutulusca is definitely some sort of cephalopod, and that is as far as scientific consensus has gotten.  Compared to squids, octopi, cuttlefish, and other previously known cephalopods, Kutulusca is, in purely scientific terms, very weird.  It sports two separate clusters of tentacles: six strong, thick tentacles for propulsion, and a retractable set of smaller, thinner tentacles used for grabbing prey.  Bioluminescent stalks extend from its torso, yet despite this deep sea adaptation it is equally at home on land as it is in sea.  It can even regurgitate a stream of boiling water at its enemies, scalding them horribly.

Kutulusca’s powers include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Scalding spray

Personality: Eerie and intelligent, Kutulusca has a curiosity about other creatures that borders on sadistic.  The massive mollusk is driven by a desire to figure out how things work and, like a child, often believes the best way to find this information involves taking those things apart and playing with the pieces.  Its attacks on other kaiju are carried out with an air that is less “vicious anger” and more “playful curiosity,” and the cephalopod often seems surprised at how much resistance its attempts to “play” with other monsters receive.

If successfully repulsed, Kutulusca doesn’t hold a grudge against the survivors of its experiments.  It has even been known to team up with other monsters from time to time, though these alliances are always uneasy.  Kutulusca isn’t a particularly reliable ally, as its curiosity can lead it to leave mid battle or, worse, turn on its “friend” without any apparent warning or reason.  Few can be blamed for being uneasy around such a chaotic creature.

While Kutulusca is often the instigator of fights, the beast holds little intentional malice in its heart, and it rarely wishes to hurt others.  It simply doesn’t understand the consequences of its actions, and struggles to understand the communication attempts of the few monsters that have tried to reason with it.  It is speculated that Kutulusca is capable of a type of communication no other kaiju can comprehend – it will light up the bioluminescent bulbs on its back in a series of strange patterns which, if one hypothesis is correct, could very well be something akin to a complex language.  If this is true, Kutulusca may be one of the smartest kaiju on record – and sadly, that may be a curse for all involved.

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