ATOM Kaiju File #24: Old Meg


Date Discovered: September 25th, 1954

Place of Origin: The Pacific Ocean

Notable Stomping Grounds: The Pacific Ocean, Typhon Island

Height: 60 feet (100 with dorsal fin)

Length: 300 feet

Biology: While she cuts a shark-like silhouette, Old Meg is actually a placoderm, albeit a very strange one.  Her kin are believed to have gone extinct before the age of retrosaurs, which, combined with her enormous size, has led scientist to believe she may be one of the oldest kaiju known.  She sports one of the deadliest bites of any monster, as the powerful shearing plates of bone that function in place of teeth can slice through the metal hulls of ships as if they were paper.  Thankfully, the fish is also a very slow swimmer thanks to its bulky armor plating.  Despite her aquatic nature and gills, Old Meg is able to survive brief trips on land – whether this is an adaptation of her strange species, or simply a lucky result of her kaiju regeneration and durability is unknown.

Old Meg sports the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: A cantankerous and surly fish, Old Meg acts every bit as irritable and violent as the folkloric beast she takes her name from.  While no one can say whether she truly is the monster sailors on the Pacific tell tall tales about, she acts the part by chasing every ship that crosses her path with a ravenous hunger.

Though her body is wracked with aches and pains, Old Meg is a tenacious predator.  Few who cross her path can hope to beat the old fish, as she is massive even by the standards of kaiju, with heavily armored skin and a devastating bite.  Most can only hope to outrun the great fish, and even this tactic is hard to pull off; while Old Meg is a slow swimmer, she is also persistent, and has been known to chase some prey for days or even weeks on end before giving up.

There is no secret longing for companionship in Old Meg’s heart.  One would call her territorial if she actually stuck to a territory – as it stands, the fish is a horrible mix of nomadic tendencies and violent desire for solitude.  Many are thankful the kaiju is incapable of spending long stretches on land, as she would be an absolute terror if she could ever get loose in a city.  As it is, she remains a huge thorn in the side of anyone and anything that travels the seas.

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