ATOM Kaiju File #16: Bronton


Date Discovered: June 14, 1954

Place of Origin: Typhon Island

Notable Stomping Grounds: Typhon Island

Height: 240 feet with head held high

Length: 500 feet

Biology: Part of the long necked goliath retrosaur clade, Bronton’s ancestors were the largest creatures ever to walk the earth without the aid of supernatural mutations.  Bronton carries on their legacy by being the largest kaiju ever discovered, towering above its fellows as a true mountain of muscle.  This kaiju is so massive that it spends most of its time sleeping, keeping itself alive by passively absorbing radiation.  When awake, the goliath devotes its energy to eating as much as it can, not caring whether its food is animal, vegetable, or even mineral.

This massive retrosaur’s powers include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Thunderbolt breath

Personality: Dull witted and slothful, Bronton is apathetic to the world around him in most situations.  He is so massive that almost nothing can threaten him, and as a result he pays little heed to other creatures when going about his business.  Only two things matter to the giant: eating and sleeping.  So long as he is allowed plenty of each, Bronton has no malice in his heart.

On the rare occasion that someone or something is stupid enough to challenge him, Bronton’s counterattack is swift, brutal, and dealt with a nonchalance bordering on boredom.  A swing of his enormous tail is enough to knock the fight out of most kaiju, especially if they get hit with the cudgel-like club on its tip.  Those that continue to fight after such a blow can be easily trampled to death, bitten, and, in the rare occasions where Bronton has a truly spirited opponent, bathed in the electric bolts the long necked titan spews from his tusked maw.

While Bronton rarely interacts with his fellow monsters, the giant isn’t quite as antisocial as he first appears.  He has on occasion watched his fellow monsters go about their lives with a passive interest, and when his island home is threatened he will not hesitate to join his fellow monsters in protecting it.  As a giant among giants, he is aloof but respected among his peers – and it seems Bronton wouldn’t have it any other way.

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