ATOM Kaiju File # 15: Crocogon


Date Discovered: June 14th, 1954

Place of Origin: Typhon Island

Notable Stomping Grounds: Typhon Island

Height: 40 feet (75 feet with sail)

Length: 245 feet

Biology: A primitive carnivorous retrosaur, Crocogon’s many similarities to modern crocodiles are mostly superficial (though paleontologists are still uncertain how closely related retrosaurs are to crocodylomoprhs).  The fact that Crocogon shares a similar niche to modern crocodilians may also explain some of their shared adaptations and behaviors – there are only so many ways to be an amphibious reptilian ambush predator.  The fins on Crocogon’s back are his most interesting feature, as they gather an enormous amount of solar radiation to be repurposed by the kaiju’s strange metabolism – either as an additional source of energy, or as a burst of thermal radiation to ward off attackers.

Using solar energy, Crocogon’s adds a unique ability to his otherwise standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Solar shockwave

Personality: Fairly content to live and let live, Crocogon spends most of his time leisurely patrolling the swamps and waterways his calls home.  The large aquatic monster rarely goes far onto the shore, and has shown absolutely no interest in civilization or humans in general.  As such, he is considered one of the least threatening kaiju despite his size and mobility.

Crocogon is likewise fairly mellow in the presence of other kaiju.  While the monster will reflexively snap at anything that surprises him, he rarely gives chase to those he spooks in return.  He isn’t one to pick fights on his own, and generally prefers to avoid his fellow monsters rather than engage them in combat.  When a kaiju refuses to back off, however, Crocogon is a fierce opponent.  His heavily armored skin, bone crushing jaws, and unexpected swiftness make him a surprisingly versatile enemy.  The amphibious retrosaur can take a lot of punishment before he tires, and is crafty enough to use his environment to his advantage.  Worse, once his ire is raised, it is hard to lower, and the reptile will use every trick in his book to keep his enemy from ever picking a fight with him again.  If a foe is strong enough, Crocogon may strategically retreat, set up an ambush, and continue the battle with the element of surprised, making for a truly terrifying fight.

Though Crocogon rarely seeks company, he isn’t opposed to it.  More than a few kaiju have earned his trust and respect, and the primitive retrosaur willingly shares his territory with other aquatic monsters so long as they give him space.  He also has something of a mob mentality: if Crocogon sees many kaiju engaged in battle with a single opponent, he will instinctively join them in tearing it apart.

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