ATOM Kaiju File #14: Tyrantor


Aliases: Tyrantis Junior, Son of Tyrantis, Prince of Typhon Island

Date Discovered: June 14th, 1954

Place of Origin: Typhon Island

Notable Stomping Grounds: Typhon Island

Height: 20 feet on hatching day, speculated to be 100 feet when fully grown

Length: 45 feet on hatching day, speculated to be 200 feet when fully grown

Biology: Baby retrosaur fossils are hard to come by, which makes the discovery of Tyrantor notable both in the field of kaijuology AND paleontology.  Like many other reptiles, Tyrantor has a lankier build than his more squat and robust parents, with long gangly legs and a thinner, more whip-like tail.  Most notable of all, however, is the fact that the hatchling is cared for by both of its parents, as this sort of familial relationship is not seen in modern reptiles.  While Tyrantor sports his father’s coloration for the most part, some of his thicker scales are colored like his mother’s.  His eyes are also a lime green as opposed to his father’s yellow and his mother’s bright blue.

As one would expect, Tyrantor’s power set is the same as his parents’, although the young kaiju is not quite as skilled at using it:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Fire breath

Personality: Energetic, curious, and just all around perky, Tyrantor is an almost fearless child.  One might expect a little boldness from the spawn of Tyrantis and Tyranta, but even so, the little monster’s courage borders on suicidal considering the number of hostile predatory kaiju that live on his island home.  Like his parents, Tyrantor does not back down from a challenge even when he is hopefully outmatched, though unlike his parents he isn’t prone to picking those fights on his own.

Tyrantor notably engages in behaviors that can only be described as “play” quite often.  The small kaiju will kick rocks around, roll down hills, and even grab large pieces of driftwood with his jaws to swing around as a crude weapon.  More than anything, he enjoys play fighting with his parents, and both Tyrantis and Tyranta have been seen using their tails to give their hatchling a suitable sparring partner.

Like his father, Tyrantor is outgoing and enjoys making friends of other monsters.  While this has gotten the child in trouble on plenty of occasions, a small handful of kaiju have actually taken the hatchling up on his offer.  One could say he is by far the most charming kaiju known to man.  Likewise, Tyrantor seems to share his father’s fascination with humanity, and many researchers have nervously discovered that they were being intensely observed by the young monster.  While no one has been devoured by the child yet, people have been cautioned not to approach the beast – unlike his parents, Tyrantor is small enough to actually gain some meaningful sustenance from eating people.

While lacking his father’s skill and his mother’s brute strength, Tyrantor is a gifted fighter in his own right.  On the many occasions where other kaiju have tried to devour him, the son of Tyrantis has proved to be ridiculously hard to pin down, using his swift legs and bountiful young energy to run circles around his pursuers while delivering nasty scrapes and horrible lacerations with his claws and bone-crushing teeth.  He also lacks his parents’ restraint when it comes to using his fire, expending all of his flammable venom in one explosive burst – a nasty surprise for any predator that mistakes him for an easy meal.

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