ATOM Kaiju File #9: Mothmanud

Aliases: The Conquerworm, The Wings of Grim Portent

Date Discovered: March 22nd, 1954

Place of Origin: Unknown

Notable Stomping Grounds: None

Larval Form:

Length: 350 feet

Imago Form:

Height: 80 feet

Wingspan: 200 feet

Biology: The entity known as Mothmanud poses serious classification issues.  While it looks at first glance like a terrestrial insect, particularly in its caterpillar-like larval stage, its anatomy differs from any known arthropod inside and out.  The origin of the monster is unknown, and its appearance shortly followed a large meteor shower on the Western coast of the USA, which has made some speculate that the monster may be extraterrestrial.  One thing is certain: the unsolved enigma of Mothmanud will plague kaijuologists for years to come.

While strange and bizarre in many ways, Mothmanud is clearly a kaiju, for it sports the traditional kaiju powers in addition to its own weird abilities.  Its supernatural powers include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Irritating Gas Emitters (larval form only)
  • “Terror Vision” Psychic Attack
  • Luring Song

Personality: “Mysterious” describes Mothmanud better than any other word, as the creature’s motivations are enigmatic at best.  Its larval stage often acts like the average kaiju, rampaging when threatened or hungry and keeping to itself during calmer moments.  However, there are hints of a larger strategy in the creature’s actions, as the larva’s apparently random rampages always include buildings that contain weapons or communication equipment: military bases, news stations, police headquarters, etc.  For whatever reason, the strange creature tries to isolate the cities it visits before metamorphosing.

Upon reaching its final, flying form, Mothmanud becomes more of a schemer, luring the human populace out of their homes with a hypnotic song before driving them into a panic with its terror inducing flashing eyes.  For whatever reason, it tries to force its victims to destroy each other rather than simply flatten a town like other kaiju would do.

Mothmanud seems to only harbor ill will towards human beings, and avoids conflict with other kaiju whenever possible.  If forced to fight its fellow giant monsters, it is a versatile if reluctant opponent, matching its foes blow for blow until the first opportunity to escape presents itself.  Yet despite its desire to live in peace with its fellow monsters, few kaiju trust the enigmatic insect, and Mothmanud remains a solitary threat for now.

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