ATOM Kaiju File #8: Gorgolisk


Aliases: The Serpent Queen, Hypnosnake

Date Discovered: March 22nd, 1954

Place of Origin: The Serpent Temple

Notable Stomping Grounds: The Serpent Temple, Typhon Island

Height: Generally holds head 100 feet above the ground

Length: 450 feet

Biology: Gorgolisk presents some strange classification problems.  Ostensibly a snake, her anatomy has many quirks that other modern day serpents lack, from her agamid-like neck frill to her non-vestigial forearms.  It is speculated that she is in fact a missing link between monitor lizards and modern day snakes; a theory that is supported by her more solid (and thus less flexible) skull and longer than usual tail.  This does not explain some of the stranger aspects of her anatomy, however, such as her ability to rapidly change the color of her neck frill into hypnotic, psychedelic patterns.  She also sports dense dermal spikes and horns for protection and has superior hearing and vision than her snake and monitor lizard relatives.

Gorgolisk is a formidable creature, mixing her own unique abilities with the standard kaiju powers to create a strong arsenal of strange abilities, including:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Color Changing “Hypno Frill”
  • Neurotoxic venom
  • Sonic “Death” Rattle

Personality: Gorgolisk is one of the most mellow kaiju on record.  Not once has the massive serpent gone on a volatile rampage like those her fellow giants are famous for.  Even when her anger is roused, every movement of the massive reptile is calculated and precise rather than blindly destructive.  This makes her a dangerous opponent to be sure, but is also why she is considered one of the few “safe” kaiju on the planet as far as humanity is concerned.

Extremely intelligent by any standard, Gorgolisk would be absolutely terrifying if her goals extended beyond the safety of herself and her territory.  The snake has a diabolical scheming mind that can quickly suss out the strengths and weaknesses of her opponents, and quicker still figure out how to undercut the former and exploit the latter.  Since most of her enemies are fellow kaiju, this is a fairly easy task anyway, especially since many of her inherent powers are perfect for misdirecting biological foes.  Gorgolisk isn’t a coward though, and is more than willing to pit her prodigious brawn against a fellow kaiju’s might if the situation calls for it.  Likewise, she isn’t a bully.  Gorgolisk rarely picks fights, especially not against those who are weaker than herself.  When she does come to blows, her goal is always to end the fight as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Whether this is out of some sort of honor code or sheer pragmatism is unknown.

While her non-kaiju relatives are all non-social species, Gorgolisk has a fairly high tolerance for interacting with other kaiju nonviolently.  She is both able and willing to communicate with other kaiju, using a mixture of different hisses, lizard-style arm waving body language, and the unique and highly expressive color changing abilities of her neck frill.  She has also willingly come to the aid of weaker kaiju on occasion, leading many people to consider her “heroic,” though whether this label can be applied to a giant monster is a debate in of itself.

While mysterious and enigmatic in both behavior and origin, Gorgolisk is nonetheless one of the most beloved and admired kaiju on the planet.  When other monsters threaten humanity, many hope to hear her tell tale rattle.

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2 Responses to ATOM Kaiju File #8: Gorgolisk

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  2. Anon says:

    Awww! I’m so happy the snake Kaiju gets to be a “good guy.”


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