ATOM Kaiju File #5: Tyranta


Aliases: The Bride of Tyrantis, Queen of Typhon Island, Tyrant Lizard Queen

Date Discovered: March 19th, 1954

Place of Origin: The Underground Valley

Notable Stomping Grounds: The Underground Valley, Typhon Island

Height: 105 feet (109 including horns)

Length: 210 feet

Biology: Being a member of the same species as Tyrantis, Tyranta is descended from the Paleo Tyrant clade of the Retrosaur Family.  She lives up to the savage reputation of her extinct kin as an unchallenged alpha predator in her domain.

Like Tyrantis, Tyranta’s kaiju powers include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Fire Breath

Personality: Tyranta is well named, as she rules any and all territory she enters with an iron fist.  Kaiju who share her habitat quickly learn to fear her presence,  as she will fearlessly show the full measure of her strength at even the slightest sign of a challenge.  Kaiju that actively threaten her superiority are quickly dealt a harsh lesson in pain and hubris, one they’ll rarely forget if they manage to survive the encounter.

Unlike other brutes, Tyranta is not needlessly sadistic, and is more than willing to release a foe that surrenders or retreats.  She is nonetheless an utterly terrifying opponent, using every ounce of her prodigious physical strength to crush her enemies as quickly as possible.  Few monsters are prepared to endure the all out assault the Tyrant Lizard Queen can unleash within a split second, and many powerful monsters have been left a broken, splintered wreck in the wake of her violence onslaught.  She has her weak spots, of course – since she is almost always the strongest opponent on the field, Tyranta rarely expects a battle to last long, and as such does little to conserve her stamina. She also does not have a particularly strategic mind, and can be out thought relatively easily by a sufficiently clever opponent.

Tyranta has a fierce independent streak, refusing to submit to any other force even on the rare occasions when her physical strength is outmatched.  However, she does respect strength in others, though her standards are so high that she rarely ever notices it.  Cowardice and unnecessary cruelty are hateful in her eyes, and while she can sometimes be impressed by cunning, she is far more likely to admire an honest combatant than one that wins by trickery.

Once her loyalty is won, there is no ally more fiercely loyal and protective than Tyranta.  The few creatures she considers family have a staunch defender in her.  Threatening Tyrant’s loved ones is the equivalent of signing a death warrant, as she is even more brutal than normal when fighting enemies of her friends.

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