ATOM Kaiju File # 4: Girtabane


Aliases: The Black Scorpion, Asset Girtab

Date Discovered: March 18th, 1954

Place of Origin: Nevada Nuclear Test Site (Yucca Flat)

Notable Stomping Grounds: Nevada Nuclear Test Site, Area 51, Typhon Island

Height: 30 feet (90 with stinger raised)

Length: 230 feet from head to tail tip

Biology: While at first glance Girtabane is simply an enlarged scorpion, various quirks of its anatomy hint at a slightly stranger origin than simple atomic gigantism.  With its far larger and more complex eyes than its non-mutated kin, and its two additional pairs of venomous fangs, Girtabane’s ancestors clearly belong to some strange aberrant lineage of scorpions.  It is speculated that Girtabane’s kind evolved to live within the Yamaneon tunnels beneath the surface of the earth, where many other strange and unusual fauna have been discovered.

Girtabane’s kaiju powers include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Electroshock claws

Personality: Wherever Girtabane came from – be it the Yamaneon tunnels, or simply the deserts of Nevada as a common scorpion – she ruled as a tyrant and a bully, crushing numerous victims between her claws.  With few real challenges to her power, Girtabane’s confidence in her own abilities grew immensely, and the proud scorpion struggles to comprehend that other creatures could actually match or exceed her power.

Like most kaiju, Girtabane is territorial and quick to use violence against any and all perceived threats.  She is nonetheless a good deal more brutal than the common giant monster, aiming to kill her opponents with every blow rather than simply drive them off.  Many kaiju that have tangled with the black scorpion have been surprised at how quickly the conflict escalated into a life or death struggle, and the few that have survived her wrath often walked away with a good deal fewer limbs.

Despite her brutality, Girtabane is not a flawless fighter.  She relies on brute force more than cunning, barreling into the heart of a conflict without considering the odds stacked against her.  Her pride will often keep her in a battle long after she should have retreated, and she has a tendency to panic and behave even more irrationally when things turn against her.  The longer an enemy lasts against her assault, the weaker and sloppier she becomes, and a tenacious opponent can easily best the arachnid.

When bested, Girtabane is not the sort that holds grudges.  Indeed, the scorpion holds the few kaiju that have managed to survive her attacks in high regard, as they teach her valuable lessons in power.  The arachnid has even teamed up with other monsters on more than a few occasions, and over time her vicious bloodlust has slowly tempered.  While she is still something of a thug, there is a chance that, with time and experience, she may one day become a protector of the earth rather than its ravager.

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