ATOM Kaiju File #2: Ahuul


Aliases: The Menace of Makeout Point, The Generiton Slasher

Date Discovered: March 16th, 1954

Place of Origin:The Hollow Mountain

Notable Stomping Grounds: The Hollow Mountain, Typhon Island

Height: 95 Feet (125 including crest)

Length: 180 Feet

Wingspan: 180 feet from wing tip to wingtip

Biology: Ahuul belongs to the carnivorous branch of the Retrosaur Family, specifically belonging to the Flying Tyrant subclade.  Like many flying tyrants, Ahuul is a cunning predator with grasping talons and needle-like teeth.

Ahuul sports the standard set of kaiju powers, including:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: While Ahuul’s predatory instincts could account for some of its misanthropy, the creature displays levels of cruelty that go beyond the innate ferocity of a hunter.  Ahuul is known for playing with his prey and trying to inflict as much pain on his victims as possible before striking a killing blow – behavior that gives him apparent delight.  He is, essentially, a bully, picking on the weak and cackling with laughter as he does so.  Despite his love for violence, Ahuul is cowardly and often flees from battle whenever the tide turns against him.  Ahuul is also something of a prankster, albeit a malevolent kind, and has been known to trick kaiju into fighting each other simply for his own amusement.

Since his vicious streak is ten miles wide, Ahuul is a powerful combatant.  The reptile’s long claws are great at raking the flesh of fellow kaiju, being sharp and strong enough to tear through their armored hides and into the soft wet muscle beneath it.  While his bite isn’t strong, his jaws are bristling with crooked fangs that can create a ragged wound.  His crest doubles as a blade to gore his enemies with, and is remarkably sturdy compared to most other crests in the flying retrosaur family.

Flight is Ahuul’s main weapon, however, and he uses it to his advantage.  There are few kaiju who can fly, and fewer still who can match his speed, which allows the kaiju to soar in and out of combat with incredibly ease.  Ahuul is able to quickly wear down most opponents without taking a scratch himself.  He is also clever enough to drop heavy objects from great heights upon his foes.  In a pinch the reptile will even carry his enemies into the air with him, flying far up into the sky before dropping them painfully down to earth.

Ahuul’s greatest flaw as a warrior is often the reason he starts a fight in the first place: he is a sadist, and most of his blows are meant to be painful instead of lethal.  Ahuul spends so much time hurting his enemies that he often lets his guard down, carelessly ignoring the actions and plots of his foes until it is too late. This, combined with the beast’s cowardice, means he rarely wins a fight, and is often driven away with his tail between his legs, scheming to exact his vengeance another day.

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