ATOM File #3: Myrmidants


Notable Individuals: Achillant & Ajaxant (warrior caste), Herant (queen caste)

Aliases: The Things, Those Big Goddamn Ants, Them, Asset Myrmidons

Date Discovered: March 18th, 1954

Place of Origin: Nevada Nuclear Test Site (Yucca Flat)

Notable Stomping Grounds: Nevada Nuclear Test Site, Area 51, Typhon Island

Common Myrmidant:
Height: 13 feet
Length: 30 feet

Height: 24 feet
Length: 55 feet

Height: 26 feet
Length: 56 feet

Height: 24 feet
Length: 88 feet

Biology: Forged in the fallout of a nuclear blast, the Myrmidants were originally a normal colony of red ants.  However, their colony just so happened to sit between the Yamaneon tunnel system and the site of a hydrogen bomb test.  The extreme burst of radioactive energy from the bomb set off a chain reaction with the Yamaneon, forcing the ants to undergo a sudden and extremely accelerated bout of Atomic Fossilization – in other words, they were mutated into kaiju.

Thankfully, the partial sterility that accompanies Atomic Fossilization has limited the Myrmidants’ ability to reproduce.  The colony’s queen, Herant, lays eggs at a much slower rate than a normal ant queen would, and roughly 80% of the eggs she does lay are infertile.  This makes the continued survival of the colony far less dire than initially believed; if the myrmidants reproduced as quickly as their normal insect kin, they would dominate the earth within months.

All myrmidants showcase the standard supernatural powers of all kaiju, including:

• Super strength
• An enhanced healing factor
• Immunity to radiation

Personality: Most Myrmidants don’t act particularly different than their non-kaiju relatives.  In fact, the only way they truly differ from their kin is the scale on which they carry out their ant-like behaviors.  Left unchecked, the colony will spread far and wide in search of food, picking acres of land clean of all animal and vegetable life in their path.  When threatened, they attack with the organization and single-minded destructiveness of an army, swarming en mass to tear their enemies apart.

While it was assumed the myrmidants were mindless, personality-deprived drones, some individual specimens have shown some strange quirks.  The two worker myrmidants, Achillant and Ajaxant, each differ wildly in their behaviors.  Achillant tends to act reckless, boldly charging into combat with larger kaiju and drawing attention away from its weaker kin.  Yet it is also clever, often figuring out its enemy’s weak spots before other members of the colony.  Ajaxant, on the other hand, tends to hold its ground and wait for enemies to come to it.  It lacks Achillant’s keen mind, focusing on brute force tactics instead of strategy.

Herant, the colony’s queen, also shows some quirks, and has been seen caring for and apparently even comforting wounded members of her colony.  The myrmidants seem unusually deferential to their queen in return; Herant is believed to be the leader of the colony rather than just its reproductive branch.

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