Profile: Tyrantis

T5 Cancerous Tyrantis

Aliases: True Tyrantis, Terror Tyrantis, Tyrantis the Terrible, Ty Too

Date Discovered: May 10, 2018

Place of Origin: Unknown

Notable Stomping Grounds: San Francisco, Echidna Island

Height: 220 feet

Length: 500 feet

Biology: In many ways similar to the original Tyrantis, this kaiju began as a paleo tyrant living in a subterranean ecosystem cut off from the human civilization on the surface.  Like his counterpart, this Tyrantis’s world was thrown into chaos by an atomic bomb test.  However, this Tyrantis had the unfortunate luck of living in a universe without Yamaneon crystals, and while his the laws of his universe and his unique physiology allowed him to survive the otherwise lethal dose of radiation, his mutation into a colossus was far from pleasant.

Now a bloated, tumor ridden monstrosity, this alternate Tyrantis emerged from his now ruined home into the sunlit world of man,  His bad luck only continued, as his fearsome appearance and agonized flailing served only to strike fear into the hearts of humanity, who immediately tried to destroy him with every weapon at their disposal.  Though he has no more inclination to harm humanity than his counterpart in the world of ATOM, this Tyrantis has a hard time becoming hero he could be.

This Tyrantis’s power set includes

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor beyond any kaiju in the universe of ATOM
  • Radioactive heat ray
  • Gamma Radiation Aura
  • Boiling blood

Personality: Though his mind is wracked with agony and his history with humanity is composed entirely of them hurting him, this Tyrantis is just as compassionate and understanding as the original.  His most passionate desire is to figure out why his body hurts so badly and how to make it stop – once that is accomplished, he would go about searching for what all the various Tyrantises end up searching for: friends and family.  Sadly, his home universe seems almost cruelly designed to keep him from reaching any of these goals.

Luckily, however, his universe is not the only one out there…

~ ~ ~


Author’s Notes: This ATOM Bonus Kaiju File is a bit different than the others, as you may have noticed – instead of representing a different kaiju from Tyrantis’s universe, it represents a Tyrantis from a different universe.  With this final entry, we explore another what-if.  Second to a properly feathered Tyrantis, the other most requested revamp of Tyrantis has been one that makes him a properly fearsome monster, playing the irradiated mutant factor for terror rather than in the tidy, almost glamorous way I have with the canon Tyrantis.  This Tyrantis takes more than a few cues from Shin Godzilla, which gave the same treatment to the King of the Monsters himself.  It’s also inspired by when my old pet bearded dragon lizard got melanoma – he recovered, don’t worry, melanoma isn’t a super huge deal to lizards because their metabolisms are so much slower than ours.  Still, though, the way the tumor sprouted out from beneath and between his scales was fascinatingly gross, and I repeated it here (several times, since again, my lizard’s melanoma never got very serious – it was one tiny lump on his tail, rather than the cornucopia of lumps shown here).  Of course, as with all the previous Tyrantises, this Tyrantis is still the big green lug we know and love – he just has a much harder time getting people to see that.

I hope you all had fun with this self indulgent excursion!  And for those of you who follow this site primarily for the movie reviews, uh, well, it’s gonna be a month or two before those start back up again, so, uh, sorry about the weird monster profile stuff that probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to you without context.

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Monster File: Tyrantis

T3 Dinosaur Tyrantis

Height: 60 feet at the hip

Length: 220 feet

Powers/Weapons: Supernatural strength, rapid healing ability, combustible methane belch

First Appearance: Tyrantis (1998)

Description: An enormous radioactive Tyrannosaurid, Tyrantis is more formidable than ever in the new big budget remake of the 1950’s classic creature feature!  With a more scientifically accurate look, this new take on the old monster packs a lot more terror into every second of screentime, proving once and for all that largeness is an important factor!  Though his cast includes a virtual who’s who of celebrity talent, from comedy legend Dan Castellenata to former 80’s teen heartthrob Judd Nelson, rest assured that this Mon-Star is the true star of this new thrill ride that puts all others to shame!  Bigger than Jaws, bigger than Jurassic Park – see Tyrantis when it debuts this coming Friday, and remember, Largeness Is An Important Factor!

~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes: This ATOM Bonus Kaiju File is a bit different than the others, as you may have noticed – instead of representing a different kaiju from Tyrantis’s universe, it represents a Tyrantis from a different universe.  In this specific case, this Tyrantis hails from a universe where birds/dinosaurs ruled the Mesozoic instead of retrosaurs, and as such is an actual mutated Tyrannosaurus rex.  However, this reality is also one where radiation makes all creatures change size and gain random super powers, so in terms of scientific accuracy it’s still something of a lateral move.  This particular alternate Tyrantis is a gift for the many, many, MANY fans who asked me to make the canon Tyrantis have feathers.  I will never, ever grant that wish, but I am willing to throw a bone since I understand why people want more dinosaurs in media that are, y’know, actually similar to how dinosaurs really looked.

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Kaiju: Tyrantis – CR 35

T4 Authoriel Tyrantis

Hit Points: 600
Speed: 60 (12 squares) Feet
AC: 42 = 10 + Natural Armor 35 + DEX 5 – 8 Size Modifier
Flat Footed AC: 37 = 10 + Natural Armor 35 – 8 Size Modifier
Touch AC: 42 = 10 + Natural Armor 35 (Scintillating Scales) + DEX 5 – 8 Size Modifier
Initiative: +9

STR: 42
DEX: 20
CON: 34
INT: 6
CHA: 20
Base Saves
Fortitude: 31
Reflex: 24
Will: 22

Damage Reduction: 15
Spell Resistance: 30
Regeneration: 40 hp per turn

Base Attack Bonus: +30
CMB: 54 CMD: 67

Bite: Attack 1d20 + 38 (+4 more on crits); Damage 4d8 + 16 (+2d6 bleed damage every round after on criticals)
Claws (x2): Attack 1d20 + 38 (+4 more on crits); Damage 1d12 + 16 (+2d6 bleed damage every round after on criticals)
Tail Slap: Attack 1d20 + 33 (+4 more on crits); Damage 3d10 + 8
Breath Weapon: 200 foot cone, DC 32; Damage 20d12 (fire damage)
Crush: Medium creatures or smaller, DC 28; 4d6 + 18

Important Skills: Acrobatics 5 (45 when jumping), Climb 16, Diplomacy 5, Intimidate 21, Perception 43, Sense Motive 5, Survival 5, Swim 26

Species Traits
Darkvision 60 feet and low-light vision.
Immunity to magic sleep effects and paralysis effects.
Carapace: Tyrantis’s scales deflect cones, lines, rays, and magic missile spells, making him immune to such effects. There is a 30% chance the effect is reflected back at full force to the one who created the attack.
Scintillating Scales: Tyrantis’s scales and hide are both physically and magically thick and resilient, and as such even attacks that can normally bypass natural armor must work through them to get to him. His natural armor is thus part of his AC.
Powerful Leaper: Tyrantis uses strength to modify Acrobatics checks for jumping, and gets a +24 racial bonus for these checks.
Regeneration: No form of attack can suppress the creature’s regeneration. It regenerates even if slain by a death effect. If it fails a save against an effect that would kill it instantly, it rises from the grave 3 rounds later with 1 hit point if no further damage is inflicted upon its remains.
Rush: Once per 10 rounds, Tyrantis can move at a speed of 150 feet for one round. This increases the bonus on checks made to jump to + 87.
Amphibious: +10 Racial bonus to swim checks
Intimidating Prowess: Add Strength to Intimidate as well as Charisma
Awesome Blow: When attacking with his tail swipe, Tyrantis can knock an opponent 10 feet away in a straight line. If the opponent hits something before landing, both the opponent and the object take 1d6 damage.
Blindfight: Tyrantis can reroll the miss chance percentile die one time for any foe he missed because they were concealed. Invisible attackers get no advantages to hitting the beast in melee.
Bleeding Critical: Whenever Tyrantis deals a critical with his claws or teeth, his foe takes 2d6 bleeding damage each round on his turn, in addition to the damage dealt by the critical. It can be stopped with a DC 15 heal check or through magic healing. The effects stack.
Power Attack, Cleave & Great Cleave: When Tyrantis successfully hits one foe, he can attack another right after, and so on until he misses.
Combat Reflexes: Can make 5 additional attacks of opportunity (one per point of dex bonus) per round and can even make them while flat footed.
Critical Focus & Staggering Critical Focus: +4 circumstance bonus to any critical hit, opponents become staggered for 1d4 + 1 rounds after any crit.
Great Fortitude: +2 on all fortitude checks
Improved Bull Rush: No attack of opportunity on bull rushes, +2 to bull rush attacks, and +2 to CMD when being bull rushed
Improved Critical (Claws & Teeth): Threat range is doubled
Improved Initiative: +4 to initiative
Iron Will & Improved Iron Will: +2 to will saves and can reroll one will save per session
Lightning Reflexes: +2 to reflex

~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes: This ATOM Bonus Kaiju File is a bit different than the others, as you may have noticed – instead of representing a different kaiju from Tyrantis’s universe, it represents a Tyrantis from a different universe.  In this specific case, this Tyrantis hails from the loosely connected shared universe of the various Pathfinder campaigns I’ve run.  Originally his stats were for Godzilla, which I made by taking the pre-existing stats for a Tarasque and loading them up with even MORE bullshit powers specifically designed to nerf the abilities of one of my players, who had basically munchkin’ed out his stats and was making it hard for the other players to contribute.  Later I repurposed the stats for Tyrantis, and as a result this incarnation of Tyrantis has had quite a few small but important cameo roles in all my subsequent Pathfinder campaigns.  In this universe – one which, like all D&D derived campaign settings, is full of magic and gods and stuff – Tyrantis is a type of prehistoric demigod called a kaiju, and like all of his kind he’s charged with keeping life safe from extinction, even if the cause of said extinction is SOME of that very same life.  The fact that he’s only BARELY sapient, with the vocabulary and grammar skills of a Hollywood caveman, means he’s not exactly the most precise tool for keeping the ecosystem secure, but he gets his job done.  Like all the other alternate Tyrantises, he’s more similar to his ATOM counterpart than different – in this case, he’s just a bit more ostentatious and, well, magical.

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HWE Kaiju File: Tyrantis

T2 HWETyrantis

Name: Tyrantis

 The Jade Giant, The Nomadic Tyrant

 None (currently)


Alignment:  Chaotic Protective

Height: 100 feet

Length: 200 feet

Weight: Normal


Fire Breath:
 Tyrantis can produce a sort of natural napalm, allowing him to literally breath fire.  This is more versatile than being a simple oral flamethrower, however – Tyrantis can release a fiery spray, spit multiple smaller fireballs, or even “inject” flame into his opponents by biting into them, creating a small internal explosion within his foe’s body.
Heat Resistance: Tyrantis can withstand incredibly high temperatures, even going so far as to survive being dumped in lava.
Bone Crushing Bite: Tyrantis’s jaw and neck muscles are incredibly strong, even by kaiju standards. This means his jaws are capable of crushing bone and tearing through steel.
Primitive Lizard Brain: Tyrantis’s reptilian brain is resistant against psychic attacks, keeping uninvited guests out of his mind.
Reptoid Chimera Biology: Like most creatures crafted by the reptoids, Tyrantis’s biology is unique compared to other terrestrial organisms because of the many different sources his genes come from.  His cells are incredibly resistant to disease, as viruses and bacteria – which usually specialize in one type of organism – have trouble getting a foothold against his immune system.  Tyrantis is also technically able to breed with most other chimeras that were produced by the clan of reptoids that created him.

Extreme Cold Climates:  Tyrantis is nonetheless a heat-loving creature, and is far less powerful in cold climates than warm. In temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit he becomes sluggish, and when the temperature drops below 0 degrees Fahrenheit he can no longer generate napalm (though he will still be able to control fire from other sources, albeit with less precision).
Primitive Lizard Brain: While not exactly dumb, Tyrantis isn’t particularly smart either. He has a hard time communicating with other creatures, even when they use telepathy. As such it is hard for Tyrantis to form strategies with ally monsters, and not hard for enemies to trick him.
Sparring Obsession: Tyrantis was designed to be a shepherd of other kaiju, and while that often means beating them into submission, it rarely means killing them outright.  As a result, despite loving combat, Tyrantis is reluctant to strike killing blows.  Tyrantis will only aim to kill when he is absolutely certain his life is on the line, which means he will often pull his punches when dealing with other kaiju even if they have more malevolent intentions.

Personality:  Tyrantis loves one thing more than anything else: fighting. Tyrantis lives for combat, whether it’s a friendly sparring match with one of his allies, or a full out duel to the death with a vicious enemy. While a vicious combatant, Tyrantis also has a sense of honor. He never uses dirty tactics in combat, and refuses to fight creatures that don’t provide a challenge for him. Any creature that does not show the same respect, though, will face the full force of Tyrantis’s wrath.
Despite this violent lifestyle, Tyrantis is nonetheless a benevolent creature, and is more than willing to befriend other kaiju (after they wrestle for a bit, of course).   Tyrantis was genetically engineered to be a social creature, and as such feels a passionate need to form a “pack” no matter where he goes.  Those lucky enough to accept his friendship will have gained a fiercely loyal ally.
While not incredibly intelligent, Tyrantis is something of an idiot savant when it comes to fighting, showing a level of creativity and inventiveness that is beyond most creatures. Tyrantis can build crude weapons, set traps, use his environment against his foes, and pinpoint weak spots with bizarre ease. While not good with plans, Tyrantis is a genius at thinking on the fly. This impulsive mindset can make him an unpredictable opponent – when he’s not content to simply beat his foes into submission, that is.

Bio: Tyrantis was one of the first kaiju to be discovered in the modern era.  For most of its life it had lived in an Earth Hollow – a subterranean ecosystem hidden from human civilization within the earth’s Enigma Layer.  Unfortunately, an earthquake of absolutely ridiculous proportions caused by a human mining operation utterly destroyed the monster’s home, even forcing a large section of the Earth Hollow up to the surface.  To the humans above, this was already a bizarre and horrifying event, for in their eyes a new mountain had basically sprung up in Jordan, Montana overnight.  Little did they know that the mountain’s inhabitants would be far more disturbing.
The first sightings of Tyrantis were dubious at best, coming from thrill seeking people that wanted to explore the new mountain despite being warned of its possibly unstable nature.  Tales of the “giant lizard” in the mountain spread pretty quickly, and were denounced by most as sensationalist nonsense even quicker.  Nonetheless, one herpetologist by the name of Dr. Minerva Lerna was intrigued by the tales just enough to fly out to Montana to find the monster.  She eventually discovered that the rumor was true, and that a monstrous reptile the size of which humanity had never dared to dream truly did exist in the mountain – and it wasn’t alone.
A second monster emerged from another section of the mountain and, in a blind rage, promptly began to bulldoze the nearest human settlement.  Dr. Lerna could only watch in horror as Tyrantis charged after the monster, but to her surprise Tyrantis didn’t join its side.  Instead, Tyrantis beat the other monster into submission, often going out of his way to drive his foe away from the human settlements in the process.  Eventually the enemy monster retreated, and Tyrantis, secure in his victory, roared in triumph before returning to his mountain lair.
News of the battle spread quickly, and soon it was clear Tyrantis and his foe were just two more of the giant monsters that had recently sprung up around the world to plague mankind.  However, the behavior of Tyrantis is what truly grabbed the world’s attention, for this seemed to be the first instance of a kaiju that would willingly protect humanity from others of its kind – and thankfully, it would not be the last.

History:  Tyrantis was created 4 million years ago by a race of subterranean reptilian creatures.  He is a hybrid of several creatures – specifically, several creatures from the Mesozoic era, including Deinosuchus and Tyrannosaurus rex.  Like all the other kaiju creations of the reptoids, Tyrantis was made for a specific purpose: in his case, he was essentially a shepherd, and specifically a shepherd of other kaiju.  Tyrantis was designed to have an instinctual love of combat (especially nonlethal “sparring”) and a desire to socialize with other creatures, even and especially ones of a different species.
His life in his Earth Hollow proceeded as expected for 4 million years – he helped reign in the other kaiju in the ecosystem, was fed routinely, and generally enjoyed a simple and routine lifestyle.  However, a human-caused and Enigma-powered earthquake brought that lifestyle to an abrupt end when it tore his home apart and stranded him on the surface with only one other kaiju from his home for company.  Without masters to give him orders, and a herd of kaiju to reign in, Tyrantis had nothing to do except explore the new surface world he had been violently forced to enter.  Along the way he formed a sort of bond with one of the surface dwellers – a human woman named Dr. Lerna.

Important Dates:

March 16, 2033: Tyrantis’s earth hollow is destroyed, and a portion of it is pushed to the surface.
August 13, 2033: Tyrantis is officially “discovered” by humanity (though had been sighted many days prior) after he does battle with Tricerak in Jordan, Montana.
???: Tyrantis and Dr. Lerna are forcibly taken to another universe, wherein they encounter alternate versions of themselves while trying to find a way back home.

~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes: This ATOM Bonus Kaiju File is a bit different than the others, as you may have noticed – instead of representing a different kaiju from Tyrantis’s universe, it represents a Tyrantis from a different universe.  In this specific case, this Tyrantis comes from the world of the Hollow World Enigma, a group storytelling project I’m a member of.  This alternate Tyrantis is a genetically engineered chimera much like the previous one, although he was made by the cave dwelling Reptoids, since HWE has a much bigger focus on cryptozoology.  I won’t be posting the other stuff I have on HWE here, but I felt it would be fun to give it a bit of spotlight here on Horror Flora while doing this fun take on different Tyrantises.

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SAOM Kaiju File: Tyrantis

T1 Neosaur Tyrantis

Class M4 Kaiju

Height: 60 feet at the hip

Length: 250 feet

Powers: Class 4 Super Strength, Class 4 Regeneration, Organic Flamethrower in Mouth

Origin: Genetically engineered “Neosaur”, further mutated by a manmade gene altering pathogen to see if one could control the mutation from normal fauna to kaiju

From the notes of Dr. Wilhelmina Lerna:

T.giganticus was first discovered in 2034, the start of the Second Age of Monsters. It had been sixty or so years since the last confirmed kaiju sighting (although a few incidents were reported in the intervening years, none ever produced proof of an actually kaiju encounter), and as such it came as a surprise to most of the world.

“The first specimen of T.giganticus arrived at the shores of the city of Genericton, California. The monster was extremely malnourished, being drawn to the city by the smell of prey. The coast guard tried to fend off the creature, but its weaponry was nowhere near strong enough to provide a suitable challenge. The monster was eventually downed by an experimental bio weapon, though not killed.

“The appearance of this monster brought alarm on a global scale. Unlike most of the unverified sightings of the past, which mainly dealt with class M0 or M1 kaiju, this was an M4 – the kind of kaiju that had devastated Japan on a near-daily basis back in the 1950’s. Even more troubling was the fact that it was not an amphibious creature by nature, which meant it had travelled from some other landmass. This meant there may have been others from that same landmass (there were) that may follow in its footsteps, so to speak, and come to America (they did).

“An expedition was immediately formed, and sure enough it not only found the landmass, which was dubbed “Typhon Island,” but a half dozen or so kaiju on it as well. Amongst them were three other specimens of T.giganticus: an adult mating pair, and one juvenile. An unfortunate series of events led ALL of the island’s giant inhabitants to attack Genericton, with the horde of monsters only leaving once the mating couple retrieved their offspring.

“In a way this was actually very fortunate, as the father Tyrannopyrodon, who the public dubbed “Tyrantis,” would end up saving mankind from numerous threats – from kaiju, mankind itself, and even outer space – in next couple of decades.”

Team Afiliations: Tyrant Squad (Team leader)

Episode Appearances: Tyrantis of Infinite Earths

Personality & Temperment: T.giganticus is an intelligent and social species with a strong familial instinct. Parents will defend their young with all weapons at their disposal. All known specimens of T.giganticus show a great fondness for combat, often sparring with each other or other kaiju in a friendly manner. The species is renowned for its creativity in combat; on some occasions they can even craft crude weapons to deal with opponents. There is a tender side to the creature as well – unlike most predators, T.giganticus will not prey on the sick or weak, only fighting those who can face it on equal terms, and it shows absolute loyalty to any creature that has earned a place in its “pack.” The species is not particularly aggressive to humankind, and will keep to its territory on Typhon Island so long as it is is not provoked. It is also one of the few kaiju that regularly communicates with others, using a mix of vocal sounds and body language.

~ ~ ~

Author’s Note: This ATOM Bonus Kaiju File is a bit different than the others, as you may have noticed – instead of representing a different kaiju from Tyrantis’s universe, it represents a Tyrantis from a different universe.  In this alternate timeline, Tyrantis is a “neosaur” – i.e. a genetically engineered chimera designed to recreate a dinosaur using the genes of existing dinosaur relatives as well as incomplete prehistoric DNA.  He is then mutated further into becoming a full fledged kaiju by a shady organization trying to create bio-weapons.

If all of that sounds even sillier than the normal stuff you get from the ATOM kaiju files, that’s because it is – this is an homage to a much earlier draft of the story, where it was basically Godzilla meets Jurassic Park by way of Resident Evil.  The series has changed a lot since then (for the better, I think), but I thought it would be fun to pay homage to its roots.

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ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 10: Kirclov

B10 Kirclov.png

Aliases: Kirclov the Living Martian (note: not actually from Mars), Kirclov the Shackled Invader, Kirclov the Conquerable, Kiclov the Beast that Walks, Kirclov the Beast from Planet X (note: not actually from Planet X)

Date Discovered: January 18, 1959

Place of Origin: Kaiju Factory Planet 3

Notable Stomping Grounds: Kaiju Factory Planet 3, Barnumville, Typhon Island

Height: 40 feet at initial discovery, 90 feet at adulthood

Length: 85 feet at initial discovery, 140 feet at adulthood

Biology: Kirclov is believed to be a remnant of the Beyonder Invasion force.  If so, it was unique among them because it was not yet fully grown.  The young kaiju was never spotted among the other rampaging forces, and in fact went undiscovered until well after the brief intergalactic war was over.  It seems fairly compatible with Earth’s atmosphere, as well as being highly intelligent for a kaiju.

Despite its alien nature, Kirclov only sports the standard kaiju power set:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation

Personality: When first discovered by notorious freak show owner and conman Bertram Wood Jr., Kirclov was a very meek and easily spooked creature.  Despite its prodigious strength and healing abilities, the kaiju was quickly subdued and forced into a strict and cruel training regimen.  The frightened and lonely creature proved to be a quick learner, and soon became a star attraction.

Despite the traumatic nature of its training, Kirclov delights in entertaining a crowd, and responds positively to the sounds of human cheering and laughter.  It remains a tender hearted soul for the most part, and hates being forced to commit any violent or even remotely threatening act.  However, the gentle alien has a breaking point, and when denied the opportunity to flee will fight with great ferocity.  Kirclov is one of the strongest kaiju of its size on the planet in terms of sheer physical might, and while it may not have the fighting experience other kaiju have, that brute strength can carry it pretty far.

While Kirclov avoids conflict in general, it despises seeing other creatures being victimized, and will push itself to intervene when it sees others being bullied.  Kirclov will also brave a variety of dangers to save those in trouble, making headlines when it rescued civilians from a burning building during its escape from Bertram Wood Jr.’s traveling sideshow.


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ATOM Bonus Kaiju File 9: Stardrac

B9 Spacebat

Aliases: The Spacebat, Astrobat

Date Discovered: January 23, 1968

Place of Origin: Outer Space

Notable Stomping Grounds: Miami, Orlando, Echidna Island, Typhon Island

Length: 115 feet

Wingspan: 200 feet

Biology: Originally an ordinary bat, Stardrac unfortunately nested inside an experimental unmanned spacecraft that was sent into orbit to test the effects of cosmic radiation on Yamaneon.  The result was a kaiju whose mutations were far more extensive than normal, and one of the last great surprises of the Atomic Time of Monsters.

Stardrac has a variety of powers at its disposal:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Infrared and Ultraviolet vision
  • Can hear and project radio waves
  • Extreme heat resistance
  • Skull-splitter screech
  • Energy beams from eyes
  • Acidic spit

Personality: Having experienced a far more traumatic and bizarre mutation than most kaiju, Stardrac’s mind is often overwhelmed by its myriad new senses and abilities.  With multiple new eyes all over its body that can see spectrums of light it originally could not make out, ears that pick up on radio signals, and blurry memories of its explosive cosmic creation filling its mind, the space bat often spends hours simply trying to comprehend what has happened to it.  In some dim way, it knows it has experienced things far beyond what any bat could dream, and cannot tell whether to rejoice in this new knowledge or recoil in horror.

Like any terrified animal, Stardrac lashed out at anything that approached it when it first returned to earth, wreaking havoc on the state of Florida in the process.  Once subdued, however, its aggression levels quickly dwindled.  The kaiju is now one of the more introspective specimens in captivity, spending most of its time deep in contemplation as it tries to make sense of its new perspective on the world.

When forced into a fight, Stardrac sports a powerful array of surprising abilities that most kaiju are not prepared to fend off, and most foes are terrified by the spectacular barrage of energy beams, acidic spit, and sonic assaults to the point of retreating.  Stardrac rarely pursues them, as the creatures finds itself to be beyond such petty conflicts now.

Though it is often distant and inwardly focused, Stardrac does not mind the company of its fellow monsters.  It is not the most responsive companion, often starring blankly when other monsters make attempts at friendly communication.  However, it has been noted that on a few occasions Stardrac came to the aid of creatures that made friendly overtures to it before.

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